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Wecret is a live communication and local experience platform that opens new horizons of communication.

We didn’t create anything that works better, we created something that is working differently.

We are all busy with our smartphones, but do we use them smartly enough? How much do we know about what is going on around? The fact is most action goes by unnoticed. We miss not only news, unique offers or events, we miss communication with real people, we miss real life.

Wecret creates a new communication principle and opens a new world for you.

Wecret puts you in the center of action. With Wecret you can share with everybody your experiences, ideas, moments. You see everything going on real time wherever you are or going to. Wecret is all about interaction: stay connected and you will not miss anything of real life value. Places, events, people, all become sources of information, created by you or for you.

So far, your social network account allows you to address only your subscribers and friends. With Wecret you can address all people around you.

Wecret brings people together. With Wecret you can see everything going on around wherever you are or in any location you pick up. It is you to decide if you want to be just a spectator, or interact and share your moments with others. Communication, travelling, promotion of your business and your place (city or region) or making new friends, everything finds new meaning and receives new opportunities on Wecret.

Do you know what is going on around you right now?
Can you address all people around?

Dive into real life with Wecret.

For any questions you may have about Wecret please contact us at: